Sheep Spin Mop

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With High Durable Stainless Steel Rinsing Mechanism!

Colors are subject to availability

1. This spin-dry water bucket allows you to choose how wet the micro-fabric mop head should be. The mop cleans, removes dust and absorbs water, making the floor clean and dry right away.
2. Can be rotated freely through 360 degrees to evenly and easily clean any corner.
3. Hand press dehydration, super force saving and no more hand wringing of mop.
4. The unique micro-fibers used in the mop head resist wear & tear, fight bacteria and clean without scratching floors or delicate surfaces.
5. It can be used for cleaning from indoor to outdoor places like floors, corners, glass windows and even car.


  • Material: Bucket (Plastic n Stainless steel)
  • Mop Pole (Plastic & Stainless Steel)
  • Mop Head (Absorbent Microfiber) - 2pcs
  • Bucket Size: approximately 46cm(L) x 26cm(W) x 24cm(H)
  • Mop Length: 120cm
  • Colors are subject to availability

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