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75 Pieces Number Train Blocks Set

This is a set of alphabet blocks and various other blocks for building a fun and exciting toy train. The set of alphabet blocks can be played with on their own too. Apart from the alphabet blocks, there are blocks of different shapes and sizes. There are wheels, a Toy Train Driver, toy dog and various other blocks which allow the child to build the train or other shapes. Building block sets are fun and children love building different things with blocks. This set helps the child in learning the alphabet and helps improves the child's shape and color recognition ability too. This is a nice toy set for your child and is great for gifting too. 



  • Build a Fun and Exciting Alphabet Train and Other Shapes with Building Blocks. Cartoon Toy Train Driver, Dog and Fence Blocks included.
  • Set has Blocks with letters of the alphabet which can be played with on their own.
  • There are Wheels and Blocks of Various Shapes & Sizes for Building the Toy Train.
  • Great for learning alphabet, helps in shape and color recognition ability of the child.
  • Age: 3 Years +; Material: Plastic; Colors: Assorted; Number of Pieces:75;
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